Our Team


David and Alan Wormser

Being the backbone of the Wormser Team Worldwide, David and Alan are involved in every aspect of the business. Their corporate philosophy is to be open to all possibilities when working with you, our customer. David and Alan foster an awareness within Wormser that our industry is constantly changing and the technology always evolving. So serving you best means having the foresight and flexibility to see and understand the changes in your business and to complement your strategic development. Because David and Alan know our success is tied to your success, they treat you as a partner and stay in touch every step of the way.


Robbyn Norman, Senior Vice President

Growing up in her family’s fill manufacturing and product development business, Robbyn has an in-depth grasp of the cosmetics industry. She is constantly discovering new ideas that marry product with packaging to bring a new twist to your current line or to help you develop a new idea from scratch. Robbyn is expert at working with our global network of fill manufacturers to bring you quality filled turnkey products for the best price. She works closely with you to set up and execute quality standards for all items, and to streamline your development process with a focus on filled goods.


Gary E. Fagan, Vice President 

Where there are obstacles, there are solutions. Uniquely qualified to get the job done, Gary has been in cosmetic packaging for over 30 years. His lifelong knowledge and panoramic view of packaging possibilities allows his sales team to always choose the best advantages for the Wormser customer. Strongly suited to corporate relations, he brings negotiation, operation and management expertise to Wormser. Major launches across corporate giants like P&G, Revlon, L'Oreal and Estee Lauder, he is a creative thinker able to identify hidden profitable opportunities for his clients. Hands on implementation of management, solid quality and supply chain experience grounds his sales team effort for the growing and changing landscape of beauty packaging.