While you see a brush, we immediately think product application. What type of hair and brush head shape match the amount of product you want to apply? What type of handle will make application easier or let her stash the brush in her purse for on-the-go use? Let us thrill you with our world of brush options, and guide you to the ones that perfectly meet your needs.


Options to Consider

Hair Options - goat, squirrel, pony, mixed hairs; natural or dyed

Hair Styles/Cuts - domed, flat, angled, feathered

Ferrule Materials - aluminum, brass

Ferrule Deco Options - embossed, debossed, anodized, silkscreen, laser etched

Handle Material Options - plastic, recycled wood, wood, molded acrylic, cork

Handle Deco Options - painted, stained, natural, silkscreen, hot stamp